Career Preparation & Development Program (CPD)

COMING IN 2022!!!

If you are a mid-career professional stuck in a rut, actively seeking a new job opportunity, or just want to be prepared for the next opportunity that comes your way.  This course is for you!  This course is all about arming you with the tools and techniques to be 100% prepared for that next job opportunity.  This course includes items such as: determine what you want to do next,  resume preparation & executive, interview preparation & execution, skill gap analysis, and so much more.  


We are putting the final touches on the program and will be announcing more information in the future.  

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Intercultural Development Inventory (ID)

Have you found it challenging building relationships, or interacting with others on your team, or in your personal life? Do you find yourself struggling interacting with some cultures, or your own?  If so, this assessment may be the right fit for you. With this program you will complete an intercultural development inventory assessment to determine your intercultural competence.  You will then have a 1:1 feedback session to go through your results, develop an action plan, and a 6-month, and 12-month follow up session to track progress. 

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Accountability Membership Program (AMP)

AMP is a new program we started in April of 2021.  We found after our engagements some of our clients needed some additional support to achieve the goals defined. Our engagement doesn't need to stop after coaching, or consulting.


For additional support, you can take advantage or our Accountability Membership Program (AMP) for a monthly fee where we can provide the accountability you need to achieve your goals.  Even if you have not completed coaching with us, but need accountability to reach your personal and professional goals we are here for you.


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