Accountability Membership Program

Accountability Membership Program

Accountability Membership Program

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This program was created to help individuals define, and achieve, their entrepreneurial, personal, and professional goals, with the added benefit of holding you ACCOUNTABLE. It's one thing to think about, or write down your goals, but the EXECUTION of them is key.  This execution is where many struggle, and the part I can help you with.  With the Accountability Membership Program you will have exclusive access to me, and my coaches to help you define, categorize, prioritize, plan and execute you goals.  


With this program you receive:

Video Conference

Group Teaching Calls - 8-Week Goals Success Program Training which includes:

  • Helping you decide what you want and how to define your WHY

  • Helping you with creating your vision and empowering self affirmation

  • Helping you take that WHY to identify your goals using the SMART formula

  • Helping you categorize and prioritize your goals

  • Helping you identify how to measure success

  • Helping you devise your plan to achieve your goals. You will focus on a 1 year plan and break your goals down to manageable chunks

  • Helping you overcome procrastination

  • Helping you identify how you will hold yourself accountable

  • Helping you celebrate you wins along the way because, frankly we don't do enough of that

The training calls are working sessions to get information documented and receive feedback. 

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2: 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls

  • Each month you will receive two 30-minute coaching calls to speak directly with a coach on your specific goals in regards to progress, challenges and more.

  • These coaching calls do not roll from month to month, but can be rescheduled within the same month.

Chart on the digital tablet screen.

Goal Tracking Reporting

  • From the 1:1 coaching calls we will create together a customized goal tracking report that will be leveraged for all coaching calls to monitor your progress 

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Accountability Check-Ins

  • For the weeks we don't meet 1:1, you will receive email check-ins to ensure you are staying on track.  

Online Workshop

Private Online Community

  • You will have access to a private online community where you will be able to interact with others in the program

Ability to expand your network

  • With the group coaching calls and online community you will have the ability to expand your network based on your engagement in the program

The space in this program is LIMITED and it only runs 1-2 times a year, as we want to ensure every individual in the program has an AMAZING experience and our undivided attention.  This program requires a 6-month commitment.  Now you may wonder why such a commitment?

  1. I want to create a space for you to take time to gain the clarity needed to define goals that relate to your WHY

  2. I want to create a space where you are able to take your time to ask questions and obtain guidance so that your goals are meaningful

  3. There are 8-weeks of structured group training and working sessions, and I want to make sure you get all the content and knowledge available to you for an amazing experience

  4. Consistency is key!  Consistently working on your goals where someone is holding you accountable will make you more successful.  Starting and only engaging for one month is not enough to create that consistency.  

  5. At the end of the day, I want your dreams to become a REALITY and that takes consistency, commitment and discipline which you will obtain through this program.  

"Paula helped me to think differently and she just s a way to pick up quickly on my muddle explanations, break it down and provide very practical advice.  She makes it all seem easy and I feel empowered after a session.  She is incredibly flexible and willing to work around each other's busy schedules, especially considering the serious time difference (I am in UK).  Thank you for all your help!" - Pavlina F. (UK)


If you are ready to have someone hold you accountable to achieve your goals, click on the button below to start the journey!  The journey starts September 2022!