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About Us

Inspire, Motivate and Encourage everyone we come in contact with.

Executive Summary
Paula Bell is a speaker, coach, and consultant in the areas of business analysis, project management, leadership, diversity & inclusion, career and self development, and known as The BA Martial Artist™. She is a certified Business Analyst, Certified Master Life Coach and carries certifications in fitness programs. She has also authored articles for business analysis trade magazines, as well as, special blog posts for different organizations, such as iGrafx, on a wide array of topics.  She has 21+ years of experience in corporate America in project roles to include business analyst, requirements manager, business initiatives manager, business process quality manager, technical writer, project manager, developer, test lead and implementation lead. Paula has experience in a variety of industries to include media, courts, manufacturing and financial. She has lead multiple highly-visible multi-million dollar technology and business projects to create solutions to transform organizations as either a consultant, senior business analyst or manager.   She has held Vice President positions in corporate America managing teams of business analysts and business process consultants.  
​She has a Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems, as well as, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts.  Paula leverages martial arts concepts to bring forth personal and professional concepts. 

The mission statement of Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC is to provide high quality coaching, consulting and speaking in the areas mind, body and soul to fit our clients needs.  We are based on the belief that our client's needs are of the utmost importance and in order for our company to be successful our clients have to be successful.


  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to help clients holistically achieve their personal and professional goals, by focusing on mind, body, and soul.  

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is every client will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged to achieve their personal and professional goals through every engagement.

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is every client after each engagement will not leave the engagement the way they came in.  Every client will be better and continue to transform not only their lives but the lives of others they come in contact with.  

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to ensure important events in individual lives exceed their expectations when leveraging our services.

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to treat all individuals fairly regardless of race, sex or creed.

Meet The Team

Valerie Washington

Valerie Washington

Executive Administrator

Valerie joined Paula A. Bell Consulting in January 2020.  She is the main contact for scheduling, customer service, and ensuring all clients of Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC have the optimal experience.  Valerie has enormous amount of experience in customer and has served in multiple manager positions where customer service is a focus.

Gina Campos

Gina Campos

Apparel Vendor

Gina Campos from AM Apparel is the designated vendor for Ninja P Fitness.  Gina has helped to bring forth the Ninja P vision by providing wonderful apparel to choose from and a logo design that works for all clothing.  

Matoya Woods

Matoya Woods

Assistant to Chief Executive (A.C.E) &
Career Development Coach

Matoya has been with Paula A. Bell Consulting since 2016.  She is known as Paula's ACE.  She travels with Paula to speaking engagements and ensures she has everything she needs to effectively execute speaking engagements. Matoya is also a speaker and has spoken at conferences and special events. She has enormous amount of experience in corporate America where she has led manager positions to where Customer Service has been a focus.  

Chris Solomon

Chris Solomon

Career Development Coach

Chris Solomon has been in Coaching and Leadership for over 20 years. Working for small startups to large conglomerates like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and GoHealth. Chris is passionate about self-improvement, people development and all things leadership and coaching. Chris has many professional coaching certifications and believes coaching to be his calling. He has experience coaching individuals, small and large groups and other coaches on how to become the best people developers they can be. His philosophy is "Each one, reach one and teach one" so don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay your wisdom forward!

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