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Resume Review & Preparation

Resume Review and Preparation

The resume is typically the first document a hiring manager, or recruiter, will review in order to determine if you are the right fit for a position; therefore, it's imperative the resume accurately markets, and reflects the skills, talents, experiences and value you bring to the organization.  I have worked with many clients across the globe enhancing and creating resumes that effectively market them for the positions they desire. Though the resume review and preparation cannot guarantee you job placement, I can guarantee you will feel confident with the resume you submit, and know that you are putting the best representation of you forward for the position you desire. 

We offer multiple different resume review and preparation options.  We offer packages and a Resume & Job Analysis Review for those urgent requests that you can view below.  

What the packages contain: Each of the packages consists of different flavorings and timings of the items listed below:

  • Resume Review - consist of review of cosmetic changes, logical flow of the resume, spelling and grammar check, and layout of the resume (could be 1 or multiple iterations depending on the package)

  • Feedback session with client of the resume review (could be a 30/45/60 minute session, as well as, multiple sessions depending on the package)

  • Creation of a baseline resume

  • Comparison of resume to desired positions being applied for

  • LinkedIn Profile Review

  • Connection to recruiting company 

  • Templates - there are resume templates that can be provided in the process

The Process

  • Client selects package

  • Consultant creates and send Statement of Work contract for client to sign

  • Client sends resume to Consultant

  • Consultant reviews resume and provides feedback on the resume (average 5 business day SLA)

  • Consultant sends resume to client for review and instructors client to schedule a consultation session (depending on package determines the amount of iterations of review)

  • Consultant and Client will finalize resume

  • Depending on package client will send consultant job positions of interest to compare to the resume

    • Consultant will compare the job descriptions to the resume and recommend any changes needed prior to the client submitting the resume

Resume Review and Preparation

Due to the nature of resume needs the first step is to schedule a discovery session so we can talk through your needs and determine what service would be right for you.

If you have an urgent need for a resume review our Resume & Job Analysis Review may be right for you!

With this service we will review your resume to determine what updates could/should be made to market yourself.  This review will not only entail content changes and recommendations, but also cosmetic recommendations if applicable.  We will then compare the resume to 1 job posting of your choice (should be the type of positions you will likely pursue going forward) and tweak your resume to ensure those skills are coming out on the resume.  We recommend you look at a couple of job positions to get a clear sense of what you really want to pursue (e.g. a specific industry, or domain).  This will also alert you to any potential skill gaps you may have.  


  1. Once payment is received, we will request your resume

  2. We will need 5 business days (depending on the urgency sooner may be possible) to review the resume and provide feedback.  Feedback will be a part of the resume itself, as comments, and in track changes.

  3. We will then send you the resume with the feedback and a meeting link to schedule a 45-minute feedback session.  This sessions is where we both address any questions we have on the resume, or you can ask any questions related to the feedback.

  4. We will then take that feedback and make final updates to the resume, and send you the final copy.  

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"I  approached Paula Bell because I was looking to transition careers and become a Business Analyst.  Paula helped me by revamping my resume that aligned the skills I already have to that of a Business Analyst. One thing I like was her professionalism and attention to detail.  I found the experience rewarding and I would recommend Paula to people who are considering a career change to a Business Analyst." - Keith O. (USA)

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