In Order to GROW You Need to SOW

Updated: May 22, 2020

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to provide my insights on some topics for a book a friend of mine was writing.  While I was being interviewed during that time to provide insights, I really started to reflect back on my life and the many different journeys it has taken me.  As I thought about life, I thought about what has truly helped me to achieve success.  If someone would have told me 15 years ago I would be doing what I'm doing today, I probably would have laughed.  It's amazing as you continue to go through the journey of life the things you uncover about yourself.  What I have found to be consistent through all my growth, is that I have sown.  So you may ask, what does that mean? For me, I’ve found that to achieve my success (grow) I have had to invest in the success where each investment is a seed sown.  However, where you sow is key. My grandmother used to tell me that you can sow in either good, or bad, ground.  It's your choice to decide which one, and the choice takes wisdom.

To bring forth This concept let me share a couple personal stories.


When I started speaking, seriously, in 2009 I was so green (new).  I thought it was just simply creating a presentat