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Are You Limiting Yourself?

Many times, we are our own worst critic. We tend to put expectations on ourselves that are unrealistic, or we tend to doubt the abilities we have. We may doubt our abilities due to what people have said to us, or how they have treated us, in the past. We may also doubt our abilities due to how we view, or think, about ourselves. Once again, as you have heard me say in the past, everything begins with YOU. How you view, speak and treat yourself is how others will view, speak to, and treat, you as well.

Many of you know, or may not, that I am a martial artist. One of the key concepts we instruct our students is that we, as instructors, do not compare them to other students, we compare them to themselves. The reasoning behind that is build up self where you focus on your own abilities, opposed to what others may impose on you. This forces you to take inventory of yourself. You see, during self-reflection you may find you have some thoughts and beliefs about yourself that may be holding you back from performing optimally. It's those limiting beliefs that can really paralyze you. Honestly, I know they have stopped me sometimes in my life.

Limiting beliefs are false beliefs the prevent you from achieving what you desire. These beliefs, again, can come from what people have said about you, life experiences and more. We all experience them at some point in our life and it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It just means you have to acknowledge the limiting belief and why it is showing up at that time.

Now, limiting beliefs can show up in different ways for different people. One key way to understand them is assessing your behavior. When you assess your behavior, you may determine there are certain scenarios, or patterns, that arise when these limiting beliefs show up. For example, I had a limited belief around the ability to travel internationally. I just never felt I would be able to travel internationally because I didn’t feel I made enough money to take such a trip, nor could I leave my kids without feeling guilty. Therefore, I believed traveling outside of the United States was out of my reach while I was raising my children. However, in 2017 I had an opportunity to go to London to do a speaking engagement. It so worked out that I was able to go and had a phenomenal time, and no the kids were not able to go with me. My limiting belief almost didn’t allow me to apply to speak I would have missed out on an amazing opportunity if I allowed that limiting belief to stop me.

When you have limiting beliefs one way to get over them is by finding proof of someone who has achieved what you desire. You are turning that limiting belief into an empowering belief. You are turning that negative into a positive to motivate, and encourage you. Let others success empower you to get over those limitations. Once you see that someone has done something you belief is not in your reach that shows you that it is in fact in your reach. Also, don’t beat yourself up when these beliefs creep up on you. If we are honest with ourselves, we all have them. Therefore:

  • Acknowledge when they pop up

  • Determine why they are present

  • Find an empowering belief to counteract that limiting belief

  • Keep it moving

In conclusion, we all have limiting beliefs in our life at some point. It’s what you do with them that’s the important part. Don’t let those limiting beliefs stop you from achieving your desires. Remember it’s all about being the “BEST YOU IN ’22!” YOU GOT THIS!!!! Now go forth and conquer!!!!


Until next time,

The BA Martial Artist is signing off



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BA MArtial Artist
BA MArtial Artist
02 juil. 2022

What has been your experience with limiting beliefs?

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