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På Paula A. Bell Consulting tror vi på holistisk support och tjänster för våra kunder. Vi erbjuder tjänster inom områdena sinne, kropp och själ.  När sinne, kropp och själ arbetar tillsammans är det du KOMMER att uppnå fenomenalt. 

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Holistic Services

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Your MIND is complex and your thoughts come through your behaviors and communication.  Many people neglect mental health because they are so busy doing their day-to-day activities to survive.  However, if you don't focus on your mental health it can lead to burnout, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and so much more.  I have worked with so many clients across the globe who are not performing optimally, and when we dig deeper it is because they haven't spent time focusing on their mental health. The limiting beliefs and self-sabotage are sometimes crippling, and identifying those root causes and working through them allows a re-centering and focus of the mind.  With my mind services, I focus on YOU through obtaining mental soundness through many different life coaching & diversity, equity, and inclusion options.  I first start with YOU to help you effectively interact with others.

Life Coaching and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (includes: The Intercultural Development Inventory®)

Disclaimer: We offer life coaching services only.  We are not therapists, and to do not offer medical advice. 


Here is yet another area that tends to get neglected in the hustle and bustle of our day to day.  However, when the BODY is neglected the consequences can be dire.  It results in feeling less than optimal, lack of energy, and medical issues which can result in financial strain, just to name a few.  I found myself neglecting my body which led to stress, depression, sickness, and more.  I realized then it was NOT worth it.  It was not worth neglecting my body.  When I implemented that 30-45 minutes in the morning workout, it set the stage for my day and helped me to manage the stress of life.  We desire the same for our clients.  It's about consistency and balance.  It's about finding a workout that is fun and we offer three different types of programs for that. We currently offer Xtreme Hip Hop™ Step Aerobics, Xtreme Burn, and Bounce DanceFit programs virtually and in-person.  I am known as Ninja P Fitness in this space. Focus on YOU by taking care of your body.

Group Fitness Programs

Disclaimer: We are not physical trainers, nutritionalist, or dieticians.  We do offer programs to enhance your health through exercise programs.


Now the SOUL is where you do your creative work. It's where you execute your PURPOSE and PASSIONS. For my clients, this is where professional coaching comes into play.  We focus on 6 main areas of coaching to include: Business Analysis, Project Management, Leadership, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Self Improvement, and Career Development.  I am known as the BA Martial Artist & Career Sensei in this space as I mesh Martial Arts concepts to bring forth professional and personal concepts. We provide coaching, consulting, and speaking opportunities to teach and train on skills, competencies, approaches, and more for those 6 areas.  We also offer membership programs to help individuals stay consistent with their goals.  We offer an Accountability Membership Program (AMP) and a Coaching Membership Program (CMP) to help you reach your personal and professional goals.  Focus on YOU by staying relevant through developing, and thriving in your professional craft.  

Project Coaching, Career Development Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Accountability Programs, Career Development Courses

Career Courses

Career Development Course, Resume, Interview, Skill Gap Analysis, Development Planning

The Waza of Career Preparation and Development™ Course

In this 7-module self-paced course you will take a journey of identifying your ideal career, creating a baseline resume, conducting a job dissection, identifying skill gaps that are critical to your desired position, development planning, interview preparation, execution, and more.  You will receive reusable templates and resources. If you want a holistic approach to 100% prepare for that next career opportunity this course is for you. 

Resume Course, Resume

The Waza of Resume Preparation and Creation™ Course

In this self-paced course, you will receive guidance on how to plan and create your baseline resume.  You will receive templates, tools, resources, and techniques that are reusable and sustainable to aid in your career journey.  In addition, you will receive guidance on how to use this information to either create, or updated, your LinkedIn profile.  

Interview Course, Interview Preparation, Interview Execution

The Kihon of Interview Preparation and Execution™ Course

This is a self-paced course to help you quickly prepare and ace that next interview.  In this course you will receive guidance on the different types of interviews you may encounter, interview do's and don'ts, templates on how to effectively prepare to answer behavioral and technical questions, potential questions you should be prepared to ask those interviewing you, what you should do before, during and after the interview and more.  

Career Services

Resume Review, Resume Creation

Resume Review

If you have a need for a quick or detailed resume review or a need for resume creation we have services to meet your needs.  We specialize in Business Analysis, Project Management, and Technology domains in regard to resume creation.  

Mock Interview, Interview Preparation

Mock Interview

If you have a need to prepare for an upcoming interview or desire to just practice your interviewing skills we offer mock interview services.

Life Coaching, Project Coaching, Career Coaching

Coaching Sessions

If you would to speak to me 1 on 1 please click the button below and schedule the appropriate type of consultation you need.


"Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC provides complete professional consulting services. Paula Bell has years of valuable knowledge, experience, and the ability to educate and advise others clearly and directly to assure understanding and elevate results. Invest in your own success and go with Paula A. Bell Consulting."


"Previously I would walk into interviews so nervous not knowing what to expect, which almost stopped me from applying for good roles. Paula worked with me on my weaknesses in interviews, the mock interviews were very beneficial and valuable plus you get a feedback after each interview. I now go into interviews with confidence and in control each time. This was a worthwhile investment for me."


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Presidential Award

I was honored and humbled on September 3, 2023, to receive the prestigious President Biden Volunteer Service Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is the highest level of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, which is bestowed by the President of the United States to honor individuals and organizations who give more than 4,000 hours helping others. 

Certified Targeted Small Business
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