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Interview Preparation & Mock Interview

Interview Preparation and Mock Interview

We offer interview preparation and mock interviews to help our clients gain the tools, and techniques, needed to walk into an interview with confidence.  I have worked with clients across the globe preparing them to execute interview with confidence.  


You may wonder what credentials I may have to be able to do so though? I  am a Certified Career Development Coach, and I have over 20 years in corporate America where I conducted hiring for positions on the teams I worked for, for the majority of my career.  I have also built hiring processes for organizations to effectively recruit, vet and hire talent. I  have conducted many interviews and know the typical pitfalls that hinder individuals from successfully executing interviews.  

Though I cannot guarantee job placement due to may external factors out of my control, I can guarantee you will receive tools, techniques and resources, to prepare, and execute an interview. It's all about mindset and execution, and I am here to walk you through this journey to shift your mindset, and arm you with resources to aid in confident execution.  

The process is simple for the Full Program:

  • Consultant will conduct a 1-hour interview preparation session which I have found is very helpful to those who have not interviewed for a while.

  • Client will then send Consultant up to 3 job postings, that reflects the type of positions they would like to apply for.

  • Consultant will then review the job description and create a customized interview guide that will be used in the mock interview.

  • Consultant will then conduct a 2 - 45-minute mock interviews with a 15-minute live feedback session after the interview. Client will also receive the interview notes which will explain what questions were answered strongly, and where there are areas of opportunities. 

  • Client will also receive a skills gaps analysis report that outlines the skills that may be lacking due to the interview (if applicable).

Job Interview

"I was looking to move my career to the next level, I had been working with the same company for 5 years so I was a very rusty and my CV was slightly dated. Paula revamped my CV, prepared me for interviews and sharpened my interview skills. She did more than that, she gave me strategies I could use to ace any interview.  Previously I would walk into interviews so nervous not knowing what to expect, which almost stopped me from applying for good roles. Paula worked with me on my weaknesses in interviews, the mock interviews were very beneficial and valuable plus you get a feedback after each interview. I now go into interviews with confidence and in control each time. This was a worthwhile investment for me. Paula Bell is now my Career Mentor." - Toyin E. (UK)

EASY RIGHT????? Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up now and let me help you get prepared. 

I just need a mock interview

(includes a 45-minute mock interview with 15- minute live feedback, and submission of 1 job posting)

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