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The Kihon of Interview Preparation and Execution

Job Interview Course

The Kihon of Interview Preparation and Execution™ is an online self-study course. It was created to allow individuals to prepare, and obtain guidance on how to effectively execute an interview. This course will help to lessen anxiety and fear while building confidence to effectively market yourself in the interview to obtain that next career opportunity you desire.

The course: In this course you will learn:

  1. The different types of interviews you may encounter

  2. The different type of interview questions you may encounter

  3. Guidelines to effectively prepare and execute an interview

  4. A formula you can leverage to prepare and execute an interview, to not ramble

  5. How to anticipate the interview questions you may asked during the interview by analyzing the job description

  6. What questions to prepare for the interview process

  7. Post interview follow up guidelines

DISCLAIMER: This course cannot guarantee you a job. There are many external factors at play that are out of control of this course. However, this course will provide you with guidance and techniques on how to effectively prepare and execute an interview.

Interview Preparation
Mock Interview

The Process

  • You will receive access to the course platform

  • You will have access to all the course platform for 6-months from purchase

  • You will have ability to download all content during that 6-month timeframe

  • You will be granted access to a private online Slack Community to ask questions during the course, as well as, interact with anyone else who has purchased the course, and joined the online community

  • While going through the course you will receive templates and guidelines, as well as, you will create your some resources that you can use throughout your career

"I was looking to move my career to the next level, I had been working with the same company for 5 years so I was a very rusty and my CV was slightly dated. Paula revamped my CV, prepared me for interviews and sharpened my interview skills. She did more than that, she gave me strategies I could use to ace any interview.  Previously I would walk into interviews so nervous not knowing what to expect, which almost stopped me from applying for good roles. Paula worked with me on my weaknesses in interviews, the mock interviews were very beneficial and valuable plus you get a feedback after each interview. I now go into interviews with confidence and in control each time. This was a worthwhile investment for me. Paula Bell is now my Career Mentor." 

-Toyin E, London

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