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The Waza Of Perspective

Effectively Understanding Your Organization

It’s important to take time to understand the environment in which you work. Understanding the organization arms you with knowledge on how to strategically navigate through the organization to get work done.  Just like in martial arts, hence the name, "The Waza of Perspective", you have to start with a foundation. The foundation is understanding the guiding principles and concepts of the art you study.  From there, you build on that foundational knowledge. You begin to learn the techniques of executing the art. Then you demonstrate your understanding through your skill demonstration, which finally leads to a transformation of some sort. The same is true when you are working in an organization.  This book takes you on a journey of 6 different perspectives of understanding your organization at a deeper level. In this book you will learn:


  1. How to understand the organization as a whole

  2. How to understand the expected customer journey

  3. How to understand the processes that execute operations

  4. How to understand the business rules that run the operations

  5. How to identify the systems that are leveraged to effectively carry out the expected customer journey and internal operations

  6. How to understand the data in the organization


You will be provided with techniques for every perspective you can apply immediately in your work.


Exclusive only in the book, you will have the ability at the end of the book to download all of the templates discussed in the book for FREE.  

Even if you are an entrepreneur you can leverage these perspectives to ensure your team has the understanding needed to help you business grow and to thrive in their career.  

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