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Free Career Workshop

Thank you for registering for the Free Career Workshop, "So, You Think You're Ready for Your Next Career Move?".  I know you will gain gems and clarity from going through the workshop. Take time to go through each of the videos and complete the templates along the way. 


Career Ninja Mastery Kit™

SPECIAL OFFER: It's clear you want to continue to grow in your career and I want to see you succeed in your career.


Therefore, I have a special offer for you, and it's called The Career Ninja Mastery Kit™.  

The Career Ninja Mastery Kit™ is your ultimate toolkit for career success. Packed with invaluable resources and expert guidance, it's designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your professional journey.


Inside the 77 pages of the Career Ninja Mastery Kit™, you'll discover my 8-step process to master navigating your career and developing as a person.  


This kit includes:


  • Self-Assessment Guidance

  • Personal Marketability Guidance

  • Career Planning Guidance

  • Networking guidance

  • Job Search Strategy Guidance

  • Salary Negotiation Guidance

  • Professional Development Guidance

  • Crucial soft skill guidance: Gain insights on work-life integration, leadership & management, emotional intelligence, active listening, and diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Additional resources to go deeper into career mastery are also provided in the kit.  

Normally $197 but with this special offer you only pay $147, a $50 saving.  


Several years ago Paula mentored me when I was looking to transition to another career path, she helped me redo my resume, gave me 1:1 consulting and interviewing skills. I not only was offered the position but she gave me the confidence to request an increase in the hiring offer and received that as well.

Tarrita Spicer, USA

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