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Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC offers multiple tiers of services that are customizable and flexible to our client's needs.  Paula's service model is focus on 3 main areas to inspire, motivate and encourage you holistically.  The areas are defined as: 

  • Personal Development - focuses on YOU as a person.  Dedicated coaching on finding your life purpose (more than just your passion), achieving your goals on your journey of your life purpose, as well as, staying relevant in continuous development and advancement in your career (resumes, interviews, salary negotiation, skill gap analysis, development planning and more).  This tends to be an area many neglect, but is extremely important for your well being. Paula is a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Career Development Coach, and Goal Success Life Coach. 

  • Professional - focuses on the areas of expertise Paula professionally possesses. Paula has a passion for coaching and consulting in the areas leadership, business analysis and project management.  YOU are a leader, even if you do not directly manage individuals.  Even if you are not in the business analysis and project management disciplines there is a still a place for you in this area. Paula is a Certified Business Analyst Professional. 

  • Interactions - focuses on the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.  You will definitely have to collaborate with someone in your life, and understanding how to embrace others differences, ensuring individuals are treated fairly and feel included, will set you up for great success from a collaborative and relationship perspective.  Paula is a Certified Diversity & Inclusion Manager Coach.  


The services are organized in Tiers and each has 3 packages associated (please contact the above link for pricing).

  • Tier 1 - Speaking Engagements - Paula speaks on a wide variety of topics to include business analysis, project management, leadership, career development (resume review, interview preparation), self development (finding your passion, self introspection, and more), and diversity and inclusion.  These topics all leverage martial arts concepts to convey foundational and pertinent information.

  • Tier 2 - Coaching and Consulting - Paula coaches and consults on a wide variety of topics.  The same topics listed in Tier 1.

  • Tier 3 - Documentation Creation - With Paula you will receive personalized and customizable reports, templates and analysis reports.  Paula identifies her client's needs and creates documentation that add values, and only documentation that adds value.

  • Tier 4 - Event Planning - Paula A. Bell Consulting started as a wedding directing and planning company.  Due to Paula's extensive background in business analysis and project management, she is able to organize, plan and execute on events with detail and precision.

  • Tier 5 - Knowledge Share - Paula shares her knowledge through blogs, vlogs, and speaking engagements.  Coming soon Paula will be sharing her knowledge through webinars and other forums to bring even more content to her client base.

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Career Preparation & Development Program

COMING IN 2021 - Are you a mid-career professional in a rut in your career, but do not know how to get out of it?  Or maybe you just want to be prepared for that next career move? You may be even actively looking, but not getting the results you desire?  If any these resonate with you, this program is what you need to move forward in your career.

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Life Purpose Coaching Program

Do you feel there is more in you to add to the world, but not exactly sure what that may be?  Or even how to define it?  If so, this program is for you.

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Goal Success Coaching Program

Do you have a hard time defining your goals? Or have you defined goals, but have a hard time achieving them?  If so, this program is for you.

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