There's Power in the Tongue, but Even More Power in the Ears - How to Handle Conflict

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Photo Courtesy of CanStock Photos: by Palto

As a martial artist one of the hardest conversations to have is with a parent who feels their child should have received the next level belt achievement. I have learned during those times how important listening and empathy is in order to resolve. From a martial arts perspective I have to ensure I'm always demonstrating the tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. Martial arts, along with other learnings form this journey called life has helped me to become comfortable with handing conflict.

You see, in any relationship there will be conflict at some point. In most cases it's inevitable because we are all different in may different ways. A few years ago, I was mentoring a young woman. She was having some significant challenges with one of her coworkers. She explained the situation to me and she decided the approach she was to educate herself on how to avoid conflict through research. When I heard her say this my eyebrow raised slightly. I then recommended to not avoid the conflict. Please understand, I do believe you have to pick your battles sometimes because some scenarios are not worth your energy. However not all conflict is avoidable, sometimes you have to address the conflict head on. When it comes to conflict the way you react and approach to resolving it is key. I have quite a few scenarios in my career, and personal life, where conflicts have arisen. I first want to share with you some tidbits I have picked up on how to address conflict to resolve it. Please don't get it twisted, conflict is not easy or comfortable, but resolving it is critical to move forward. 😉 I then want to discuss how to deal with difficult people while in the midst of conf