The Kime Zone: Episode 2: Ignoring the Boundaries

Hello, I hope you are well, keeping safe, and healthy!!! Today I come to you with a special video. For those who may just be joining us I conduct 2 different types of interviews.  I have my "DoJo Talk" video-casts which focus on business related topics, and then I have the "Kime Zone" video-casts which are all about self development, awareness and self care.  That is what is episode is about. I had the opportunity to conduct a special interview with a dear friend, and colleague, of mine on the topic of "Ignoring the Boundaries" I am going to share with you.  Edward Ngubane is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I had the privilege, and honor, of meeting him last year when I spoke at the Business Analysis Summit hosted by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) South Africa Chapter.  The event is phenomenal and if you ever have a chance to attend, or be a part of the event, I highly recommend you take advantage of it.  After the event I found that Edward was the topic of an inspiring article related to ignoring boundaries others tried to place on him.  I was so inspired by the article, especially in the current environment we are in today, I asked if he would be willing to sit down with me to talk about his life, and how he has been so successful personally and professionally.  He quickly agreed and we were able to make it happen virtually. In this episode we discuss many different topics such as:

  1. When he realized boundaries were present in his life

  2. How he overcame those boundaries

  3. How he successfully executed a huge career pivot