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Dojo Talk: Episode 3 - The Process with Robert Thacker

Hello, I hope you are well!! Episode 3 of "Dojo Talk" snow available.  My special guest for this episode is Robert Thacker, and we talk all things "process" to wrap up Perspective 3 of Levels of Perspective.  Robert is definitely an expert in this field and you will hear more about him in the video.  Get ready for another great episode of knowledge share and I'm sure there are some nuggets you can immediately use.  😊. Just click on the image above and you should be linked to the video.  If for some reason you are not linked to the video here is the direct link: "Dojo Talk: Episode 3" Remember, as I share content I will ask for you to leave comments with your thoughts.  Please share your thoughts so we can all grow together.  Also, if there are any topics you would like to discuss please comment, or send an email to me at If you missed Episode 2: The Kihon of Customer Experience, you can find the episode here: Dojo Talk: Episode 2 Enjoy Episode 3!!!! Until next time, The BA Martial Artist 🥋 Paula Bell


P.S. - Please remember to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on all the great content coming.    P.S.S. - Make sure to leave a comment on my website, or other social media platforms, with thoughts and commentary.  We all grow together through knowledge sharing. 

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