Process Mining and Process Automation Anyone?


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If you ever wanted to know more about process mining and process automation this is the Episode for you. Robert Thacker shares some great nuggets about these two techniques in Dojo Talk: Episode 4".

If you recall, Robert Thacker spoke to us about process in Episode 3 of Dojo Talk.  If you missed that episode you can find it here: Dojo Talk: Episode 3.  After that episode, I wanted to go a little deeper on analyzing the process and Robert agreed to come back for Episode 4 to discuss Process Mining and Process Automation.  These are 2 techniques that can take you understanding of processes to the next level.  In addition, these techniques can help you, help you organizations identify areas of processes to automate to make the process more efficient, and mitigate risk.  In this episode Robert discusses:

  • What is Process Mining?

  • Why is Process mining beneficial?

  • What gaps have been encountered by performing Process Mining?

  • What is Process Automation?