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What We Do

At Paula A. Bell Consulting, we believe in holistic support and services for our clients. We offer services in the areas of mind, body and soul.  When mind, body and soul are working together what you WILL achieve is phenomenal.  

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Focus on YOU though obtaining mental soundness through many different life coaching services.  

Disclaimer: We offer life coaching services only.  We are not therapists, and to do not offer medical advice. 


Focus on YOU by taking care of your body. We offer Hip Hop Step Aerobics and Burn (high cardio impact) programs virtually and in-person.

Disclaimer: We are not physical trainers, nutritionalist, or dietitians.  We do offer programs to enhance your health through exercise programs.


Focus on YOU by staying relevant through developing, and thriving in your professional craft.  We offer sharing of knowledge through speaking at events, coaching and consulting in the areas of business analysis, project management, leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion, and career development.

Book - The Waza Of Perspective

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It can be challenging to figure out all the components of the environment in which you work.  Martial Arts made it very clear to me the importance of building a strong foundation mentally in order to effectively train the physical aspect of the art.  It was through that clarity that I began to apply that concept to my personal and professional life and it has made a HUGE different. I was able to create this simple framework to help others approach personal and professional concepts in a way in which they build on a strong foundation.


In this book, "The Waza of Perspective", I focus on the professional area of gaining clarity understanding business operations which consists of: understanding the layout of the organization, the customer journey, the processes, business rules, systems, and data can make a huge difference in executing transformational solutions for the organization to meet their strategic objectives and goals, leveraging martial arts concepts.  

Even if you are an entrepreneur you can leverage these perspectives to ensure your team has the understanding needed to help you business grow and to thrive in their career.  


EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES: There is a link in the book that gives you access to download 10 FREE templates discussed in the book. These templates are only available through the book. 

Template Bundles

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Goal Success Template Bundle

Statistically, 83% of the population do not have goals, and out of the remaining 17%, only 3% of the population actually write down their goals.  It is proven that the 3% of the population with written goals are 3 times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals.  


This template bundle will help you join that 3%.  You will learn 

  • how to define your WHY & why that is KEY!

  • how to define, categorize and prioritize your goals

  • how to create a 7-30-60-90-365 day plan

  • how to execute that plan

  • how to hold yourself accountable.  

If you are tired of not achieving your goals to obtain the fulfilling life you desire, this 4 template bundle is perfect for you.  

Urban Life

Defining Your Life Purpose Template Bundle


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