What We Do

At Paula A. Bell Consulting, we believe in holistic support and services for our clients. We offer services in the areas of mind, body and soul.  When mind, body and soul are working together what you WILL achieve is phenomenal.  

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Focus on YOU though obtaining mental soundness through many different life coaching & diversity, equity and inclusion services.  

Life Coaching, Intercultural Development Inventory®, and Accountability Coaching

Disclaimer: We offer life coaching services only.  We are not therapists, and to do not offer medical advice. 

Focus on YOU by taking care of your body. We offer Hip Hop Step Aerobics and Burn (high cardio impact) programs virtually and in-person.

Group Fitness Programs

Disclaimer: We are not physical trainers, nutritionalist, or dieticians.  We do offer programs to enhance your health through exercise programs.

Focus on YOU by staying relevant through developing, and thriving in your professional craft.  We offer sharing of knowledge through speaking at events, coaching and consulting in the areas of business analysis, project management, leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion, and career development.

Professional Coaching (Business Analysis, Project Management, Leadership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Self-Improvement & Career Development)

The Waza of Career Preparation & Development™ Program


If you are looking for an online career course unlike any other, "The Waza of Career Preparation and Development™ (CP&D)™" Program is for YOU!!!  As I coached clients in advancing their careers across the globe, I began to realize there are certain tools, techniques and resources that were consistently leveraged to aid career preparation and development.  Though this program cannot guarantee you job placement due to external factors outside of our control, this program can guarantee you how to plan and prepare for that next career opportunity that comes your way.  Whether it's a career pivot, or advancement in your current career path, this program will get you prepared.  

First off, when you join "The Waza of Career Preparation and Development™" Program you will gain access to the online program which is the ultimate career preparation and development blueprint, which consists of 7 main modules:

  • Self Introspection and Defining Your Career Path

  • Resume Planning and Preparation

  • Job Dissection

  • Skill Gap Analysis

  • Development Planning

  • Interview Preparation

  • Interview Execution 


You will also receive transcripts of the videos, templates, resources, and group coaching calls. 

Currently registration is not open for the CP&D, but join our waiting list to be alerted when registration is open again. This program is offered once a year.