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Coaching & Consulting

Career and Professional Coaching

We offer 1:1, and group coaching, and consulting for individuals and organizations.  We specialize in the areas of: Business Analysis, Project Management, Leadership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Self-Improvement, and Career Development.  These coaching sessions are outside of the Membership Programs (Accountability Membership Program (AMP), Coaching Membership Program (CMP), and Leadership Coaching Program (LCP)) we offer which include dedicated coaching sessions as well monthly.


We know that sometimes a full blown coaching program is not what you may need at the time; therefore, you can take advantage of what I like to call "A La Carte" coaching and consulting sessions. 

These coaching sessions are designed to fit your needs and you can start today.  


Click on the links below to schedule a dedicated session. 

TESTIMONIAL: "Getting to the “aha” moment.  Although I am an experienced BA, I’ve never had a mentor and it’s safe to say, my toolbox of various analysis techniques I’ve built over the years had a serious layer of dust on. I mostly reused the well tested popular approaches and I just couldn’t connect the dots at times. Very frustrating!  Paula was recommended to me by a participant on a BA blog as someone very passionate about helping professionals to get better and outgrow their fears; to get out there and confidently hold their ground even in the most challenging situations.  Paula helped me to think differently and she just has a way to pick up quickly on my muddled explanations, break it down and provide very practical advice.  She makes it all seem easy and I feel empowered after a session.  She is incredibly flexible and willing to work around each other’s busy schedules, especially considering the serious time difference (I am in UK). Thank you for all your help!  I find Paula’s newsletters very inspirational, especially when I feel low. It’s all very simple, yet I often get carried away and stop seeing the bigger picture. Thank you for going into that level of effort! It’s much appreciated." - Pavlina F. (UK)

Group Professional Coaching

For group coaching please contact: ""

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