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15 Common Resume Mistakes

Thank you for downloading the FREE 15 Common Resume Mistakes PDF. I created this PDF to help career-minded individuals like yourself avoid some of the common resume mistakes I have encountered as a hiring manager while working for Fortune 500 companies and smaller business organizations. I know you will gain gems and clarity from the PDF.  

If you want to go deeper check out some of the additional services I offer.


Resume Review

With this service, we will review your resume to determine what updates could/should be made to market yourself.  This review will not only entail content changes and recommendations but also cosmetic recommendations if applicable.  We will then compare the resume to 1 job posting of your choice (should be the type of position you will likely pursue going forward) and tweak your resume to ensure those skills are coming out on the resume.  We recommend you look at a couple of job positions to get a clear sense of what you really want to pursue (e.g. a specific industry, or domain).  This will also alert you to any potential skill gaps you may have.  


  1. Once payment is received, we will request your resume

  2. We will need 5 business days (depending on the urgency sooner may be possible) to review the resume and provide feedback.  Feedback will be a part of the resume itself, as comments, and in track changes.

  3. We will then send you the resume with the feedback and a meeting link to schedule a 45-minute feedback session.  This session is where we both address any questions we have on the resume, or you can ask any questions related to the feedback.

  4. We will then take that feedback and make final updates to the resume, and send you the final copy.  


The Waza of Resume Preparation and Creation™ is an online self-study course. It was created to allow individuals to prepare, and create their resume on their own time with templates, and guides along the way.  This course will take the pain away from creating a resume on a resume on your own as we will do it together.  You are not alone in this and it doesn't have to be overwhelming and daunting.  


The course contains the following:

  1. The different types of resumes and when they should be used

  2. What should be included in a resume

  3. What to consider for Application Tracking Systems

  4. Why a baseline resume?

  5. How to leverage your baseline resume to apply for that next position

  6. BONUS: How to leverage your baseline resume to create, or update, your LinkedIn profile

DISCLAIMER: This course cannot guarantee you a job. There are many external factors at play that are out of control of this course. However, this course will provide you with guidance and techniques on how to effectively prepare and market yourself through your resume.

The Process:

  • You will receive access to the course platform

  • You will have access to the course platform for 6 months from purchase

  • You will have the ability to download all content during that 6-month timeframe

  • You will be granted access to a private online Slack Community to ask questions during the course, as well as, interact with anyone else who has purchased the course, and joined the online community

  • While going through the course you will receive templates and guidelines, as well as, you will create your baseline resume and create/update your LinkedIn profile


SPECIAL OFFER: It's clear you want to continue to grow in your career and I want to see you succeed in your career.


Therefore, I have a special offer for you, and it's called The Career Ninja Mastery Kit™.  

The Career Ninja Mastery Kit™ is your ultimate toolkit for career success. Packed with invaluable resources and expert guidance, it's designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your professional journey.


Inside the 77 pages of the Career Ninja Mastery Kit™, you'll discover my 8-step process to master navigating your career and developing as a person.  


This kit includes:


  • Self-Assessment Guidance

  • Personal Marketability Guidance

  • Career Planning Guidance

  • Networking guidance

  • Job Search Strategy Guidance

  • Salary Negotiation Guidance

  • Professional Development Guidance

  • Crucial soft skill guidance: Gain insights on work-life integration, leadership & management, emotional intelligence, active listening, and diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Additional resources to go deeper into career mastery are also provided in the kit.  

Normally $197 but with this special offer you only pay $147, a $50 saving.  



 Paula has assisted me with resume building skills, interviewing skills, public speaking skills and has enhanced my BA acumen. The way that she breaks down key concepts into digestible, easy to understand modules while focusing in on my my strengths and opportunities has done wonders for my career. I truly thank Paula for all the time and energy she invested into me and had faith in my ability to deliver results when I had doubts in myself. She never gave up on me, and I owe her everything. Thank you, Paula A Bell Consulting for your client focused, results driven strategic view."


"I was looking for a business analyst position and wasn’t feeling confident in my abilities due to lack of relevant experience. Paula was the perfect career coach for me because I needed someone who is an experienced business analysis professional and can conduct mock interviews that are relevant to the positions I was applying to. Paula went above and beyond with my last minute request and her professional approach helped me to gain my confidence back. I believe she played an important role when I landed a Senior Business Analyst position at my dream company."


I was looking to move my career to the next level, I had been working with the same company for 5 years so I was a very rusty and my CV was slightly dated. Paula revamped my CV, prepared me for interviews and sharpened my interview skills. She did more than that, she gave me strategies I could use to ace any interview.  Previously I would walk into interviews so nervous not knowing what to expect, which almost stopped me from applying for good roles. Paula worked with me on my weaknesses in interviews, the mock interviews were very beneficial and valuable plus you get a feedback after each interview. I now go into interviews with confidence and in control each time. This was a worthwhile investment for me. Paula Bell is now my Career Mentor. 

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