Levels of Perspective - Perspective 2 - The Customer - Part 3

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. It is now time for Part 3 of Perspective 2 - The Customer. In this post we will focus on one technique I leverage to determine the desired customer experience. Up to this point we have discussed what customer experience is, why a focus on the customer is critical for success and how to approach the customer experience desired. Now that we have discussed the fundamentals it is time to moved forward with putting it all together. Also remember, at the end of the month I will be posting Episode 2 of Dojo Talk where I will have a special guest who is an expert in this topic speak to us about what she had learned working within different organizations.

Based on my experience here is my approach to creating a customer journey map. I’m sure there are many different ways to approach creating a customer journey map, but I’m going to share the way I approach doing this work.

Customer Experience Steps