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The SOUL, in my definition, is the depth of where your emotions, thoughts, and feelings reside.  To me, it is the fabric of your being, and the heartbeat from which your desires come. The SOUL is also considered the spiritual part of the "human being".  As far as my business, the soul is about the work you execute every day; your profession or career.  


We offer expertise in the following domains to help individuals achieve their professional desires: Business Analysis, Project Management, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Leadership, Self-Improvement and Career Development, through our membership programs and individuals service offerings. You can find out more details by click on the below, but at a high level here is what we offer:

Membership Programs

  • Accountability Membership Program (AMP) (6-month commitment)

    • If you struggle with identifying and achieving your goals this program is for your.  Currently this program is offered once a year and it is consists of 8 weeks of structured live group webinar training on goal identification and execution, as well as, as accountability touch points to ensure you are making progress and staying focused on your goals. 

  • Coaching Membership Program (CMP)

    • This program consists of project coaching, life coaching and career coaching options. Twice a month you will meet with a coach and have a customized experience to work on your personal/professional focus at the time.  

  • Leadership Coaching Program (LCP)

    • This program is designed to level up your leadership skills whether you a C-Suite leader, Middle Management or starting out a a new manager.  We meet you where you are and create a customized plan to sharpen your leadership skills. 

Individual Career Services

  • Resume Review

    • If you are in need for a detailed or quick resume review we have services to meet your needs.  We will work with you to ensure your resume speaks to the skills and competencies you posses and sets you apart from the other candidates. 

  • Mock Interview

    • If you haven't interviewed for a while and need some guidance and preparation, or if you have an immediate need to practice for an interview we have services for you.

  • Single Coaching Sessions

    • If you have a need to brainstorm or just want some overall guidance and would like to discuss any of the 6 areas of focus referenced above you can always book a single coaching session to chat.  I will be happy to talk to you. 


I  also speak on these topics at events, conference, summits, symposiums, and more. 


Click below to find out more.  

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