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The mission statement of Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC is to provide high quality coaching, consulting and speaking in the areas of business analysis, project management, leadership, diversity and inclusion, career development, self development, and event planning at affordable costs tailored to fit our clients needs.  We are based on the belief that our client's needs are of the utmost importance and in order for our company to be successful our clients have to be successful.


  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to help build a stronger business analysis community where business analysts in any location can come together sharpening their existing business analysis skills, learning new skills and sharing lessons learned from past experiences. 

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to bring forth high quality presentations on business analysis, leadership and career development. 

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to help individuals reach their leadership and career development goals.  

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to help provide business planning support for businesses to be successful in building the foundation for their businesses. 

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to ensure that important events in individual lives exceed their expectations.

  • The vision of Paula A. Bell Consulting is to treat all individuals fairly regardless of race, sex or creed.

My Story

One of the first questions one of my mentors asked me when we started our mentoring relationship was, "What is your story?  Why do you want to do what you do?"  To be honest with you I never really thought of it before.  It wasn't something I quickly had an answer to.

Well here is my story.  I realized after wearing all the project management hats my passion was business analysis.  I had a passion for it before it was ever recognized as a discipline or had a name.  I found that I loved interacting with people and helping them in finding solutions that would make their lives easier in the workplace. This was also confirmed when I took Strength Finders and my top strength was revealed as "Relator".  I love meeting new people and building new relationships.  Not only do I love building those relationships but I love learning from others and others learning from me.  That knowledge share is invaluable.  I have a passion around coaching, developing and mentoring others.  So I found a way to have the best of both worlds.  I love  coaching, mentoring and speaking about business analysis.  I have also found I'm a great leader, career developer, business planning consultant and event planning consultant.  I found a way to intertwine all my passions in one.  I don't love what I'm doing, I'm doing what I love!  There is definitely a big difference between the two.  The gap between the two is passion. I am doing something I'm passionate about and with that I will be successful and provide the best service to those I have the pleasure of serving.



Paula Bell is originally from Brooklyn, NY.  She started her career in 1997 where she worked for a company named "Prevue Networks" in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She started as an software engineer intern.  In 1999 she moved to Georgia where she took on a job as an Integration Specialist for Shaw Industries.  There is where she wore multiple hats as a business analyst, project manager, developer, tester, implementation specialist, technical writer and more.  Unfortunately she was layed off in 2001 and moved to North Carolina to start working for the Administrative Offices of the Courts as a Helpdesk Analyst Contractor and then moved into the Senior Business Analyst role.  There is where she gained her B2T certification.  In 2006 Paula was offered a position in Iowa with a financial company as a consultant.  Three months later she moved into a full time employee position and has been doing that since. In her spare time Paula likes to help individuals lay foundations for their business', plan and coordinate weddings, sit on boards that are of interest to her, read, write and listen to music just to name a few.  Paula has a set of beautiful boy/girl twins and is married.


Assistant to Chief Executive (ACE) & Makeup Artist - Matoya Woods

Matoya started with Paula A. Bell Consulting in 2017 as Paula's personal assistant and right hand person.  Matoya is also Paula's personal make up artist when needed as she is awesome with a brush!!! 🙂

Executive Administrator - Valerie Washington

Valerie Washington joined Paula A. Bell Consulting in June of 2020.  She is one of the main individuals clients interact with for all their customer service needs. 

Content Manager - Geddes Blenman

Geddes Blenman joined Paula A. Bell Consulting in February of 2020 as her content manager.  He provides peer review and content management support to ensure the best quality is always conveyed.

Hair Stylist - Emperess Cookie

Zazetta Rankins 





Email:      paula@paulaabell.com

Phone:     515-650-8028 
Address:  PO BOX 41157
             Des Moines, IA 50311

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